5 Perfect Products for an At-Home Spa Day

Nothing says self-care like an at-home spa day and carving out some time for some TLC has never been easier. While there’s nothing like an in-person spa date with friends, here at GRACE we have a few suggestions on how to bring all of the luxury spa goodness home. So, gather some friends (virtually) and put a date in your calendar for your very own at-home spa day.

1. Go-To Skincare Transforming Skin-care mask - $7 (Shipping is $16…)

No spa day is complete without a face mask and the Transforming Skin-Care Mask from Go-To skincare is your go-to when it comes to at-home TLC. This serum-drenched serum mask claims to give you luminous, plump, and bright skin in just 10 minutes. Packed with the ultra-hydrating and brightening agent niacinamide and exotic extracts finger lime and kaladu plum, and tasmanian pepper leaf, this bestselling mask will leave you with a new lockdown glow. Need we say more?

2. Minzaani Spotless Green Sleeping Mask - £18

This serum-drenched mask targets UV damage, flaky, and acne prone skin. Infused with natural products like Bladderwrack seaweed, mango butter, and aloe vera this restoring mask will take your skin for drab to fab in 20 minutes. Need we say more?

3. The Glowcery Coconut Crumble – Superfood natural lip scrub - £12

This lip scrub from The Glowcery made with the best nourishing ingredients including raw coconut oil and coconut sugar is the perfect remedy for dry, chapped and flakey lips. The moisturizing agents in coconut oil and protecting properties in vitamin E oil work to reduce damage to the lips caused by everyday pollution. Complete with vegan myrica fruit wax, this lip scrub will exfoliate, rejuvenate and smooth your lips leaving them soft and supple.

4. LATTICIA Organics Dry Body Brush - £15

Dry brushing is the perfect way to get in on some full body exfoliating action. Not only does dry-brushing increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production (that’s skincare lingo for it helps strengthen your skin), but it’s also great for lifting and toning by increasing your skin’s elasticity. This brush from LATTICIA Organics is organic, vegan, ethically made, and sourced from sustainable materials so you can care for your skin and help save the planet!