5 Places to Eat Pancakes in London

Pancake day, originally known as Shrove Tuesday was a day marked the last day before Lent for Christians. In preparation for the simpler foods encouraged during the Lenten fast, it became custom to use up richer foods, such as eggs, dairy, sugar, and meat, the day before. So pancakes, which use eggs, milk, and sugar, became a staple and is now a tradition in modern-day culture.

With less than 24 hours to spare, here's a heads up of where to go in London for those sweet, savoury stacked treats!

My Old Dutch (Various locations)

Having 3 locations (Kensington, Chelsea and Holborn) MOD has fast become one of London’s go-to's for a quick fix of waffles and pancakes. In the mood for experimenting? The menu has endless options allowing you to get creative with your pancakes for both sweet or savoury lovers. Not to leave anyone out, dairy, gluten-free and vegan menus are available. Locations are relaxed, laid back and perfect for a solo trip, group of friends or even with children.

The Locals Cafe, Chelsea

Health is wealth and The Locals Cafe in Chelsea can testify to that! A great menu which caters to both vegan and non-vegan for those delicious Instagram-able pics. Try the Matcha pancakes, topped with berries, flowers and white chocolate for a tasty and healthy treat.

The Breakfast Club (Various locations)

Where have you been, if you've not visited one of the many locations of The Breakfast Club? Now known for their annual pancake challenge; where you attempt to demolish 12 pancakes in 12 minutes, Why not try this out ( if you're not a slow eater) to make your pancake day fun! Along with it being fun, there's a more humanitarian element to it - putting refugee women on a 5-week textile course or paying for an art workshop for 10 underprivileged kids.

Where The Pancakes Are, Southwark

Where the Pancakes are....is where you go to get pancakes! Based in Southwark with an all-day pancake menu - those fluffy goodies are served for every occasion whether after school, before work or even after the gym (lol naughty). Try the Dutch Baby pancakes, for a 'new' experience, described on site as 'an American interpretation of a centuries old German dish. Nothing to do with the Dutch – actually, it’s very much a Yorkshire pudding look-a-like.'