6 Digital Detox Tips

What is the first thing you do, when you wake up in the morning? Do you reach out for your phone and check who has liked your latest selfie on Instagram or are you instantly glued to your phone even during meal times? Do you lose all sense of safety and stop in the road to check your phone when it beeps or rings? If the answer is a big yes to any of those questions. I have news for you! You are officially a die-hard digital fan.

Grace Magazine Online - 6 Digital Detox Tips
We're guessing there was definitely no cars coming at this point!

One may ask, define what is a die-hard digital fan? If you are constantly on your phone and flipping through a plethora of apps and refuse to put your phone down even during dinner then yes, it is time for a detox. Visualise this moment for a second, imagine leaving your phone by accident at home and arriving at the office. If that makes you feel purposeless, it may be time to put the phone away and consider a digital detox. Yes, you guessed it, all things digital! Digital detoxing can help you to focus on real life and at times it can be an opportunity to reduce unnecessary stress levels.

It has been proven that using devices has taken over a substantial amount of our lives as we are constantly using our phones, from everyday chores to grocery shopping and spending hours browsing through sites. To even, the new phenomenon of meeting potential life partners online. The digital world has evolved and sometimes not in the most positive way. Children as young as six are possessing the newest iPhone which can be considered as rather frightening. At one-point in life, every individual should consider a digital detox.

It would do you the world of good and also for your stress levels.

Having said that, here are six key tips to help you on your digital detox journey…

Tip 1: Leave your phone behind! Scary thought, right? Anytime you are about to go to work or an event, do not take your phone. It may seem drastic as your phone is pretty essential, so make sure you let a friend or family know where you're going. This will give you time to focus on yourself.

Tip 2: Find a hobby that doesn’t require anything digital. If you love to dance, take dancing classes. If you love to read, join a book club or better still start a book club with some friends. The rule is leave your phone at home!

Tip 3: Quiet time with God. Spend a week focusing on the word, instead of checking your phone first thing in the morning. You could pick a scripture a day and reflect over it. There is nothing like intimacy with the Lord.

Tip 4: Consider going old school and trade your smartphone for a basic Nokia perhaps for a few weeks.

Tip 5: Spend quality time with your loved ones; go out for dinner, brunch or lunch. Make dinner for friends and family and catch up over meaningful conversations and laughter.

Tip 6: Exercise! Try and incorporate that with better eating to help promote a healthier lifestyle that you mind, body and soul will thank you for.

Words by Lawrencia Amfo-Asiedu