An Interview with CalledOut Music

GRACE had the pleasure of speaking with Samuel Nwachukwu aka CalledOut Music a couple of days before his new EP, 'Come Home' was released. In an enlightening conversation, CalledOut gave insight into the process behind creating the music, and also dropped a few spiritual truths. Once you've listened to the EP, you may conclude, like we, that CalledOut Music is a man after God's heart, who pours out his love into the refreshing self-written songs. 'Come Home' collectively expresses a beautiful mix of tracks that prompt us to acknowledge God's supremacy and His love for us - which invokes an internal joy that touches your soul. In summary, it isn't easy to walk away from this body of work having been reminded of this great love, without responding in kind, with the way we live our lives daily.

GRACE MAGAZINE (GM): Well, first of all, congratulations on your recent 'Best Gospel Act' MOBO Award

CALLEDOUT MUSIC (CM): That's funny, I wondered what you were saying congratulations for.

GM: Haha, there are so many wins, so congratulations on everything!

CM: *both laugh* I didn't expect it. Getting the nomination was good enough for me and a pat on the back, but to actually get the call to say "oh you won it", that was the craziest feeling. I don't remember a time in music where I've been speechless, but that was one of those moments.

GM: How has it been with Covid, like even the fact that you could not go and physically get your award?

CM: Covid has been Covid. For [me and] my family, we've been taking extra measures. There was the option to get [the award] physically, but I decided not to because I've personally been taking this super seriously. I've had many friends and family pass on because of this pandemic. There was a season of three to four weeks where daily, someone I'd known, or that was connected to me died.

Sometimes we can read the news and be disconnected from the deaths because we don't know anyone it has affected, but it's a real thing, so I've taken crazy measures, not only with being grateful for my life but trying my best to not become a liability to someone else who could potentially become exposed to it.

Even with my prayer life, [Covid] has taught me to pray for people more. You know when you say "ah yeah I'll pray for you" - I've actually taken the time to pray for my brothers and sisters seriously. This season has brought me to my knees in many ways and shown me what's important in life, and one of those is genuinely caring for people.

GM: Considering the climate we are in, how was it producing this body of work during a pandemic?

CM: I had bought all my gear in mid-2019 and it's been a life-changing experience. Not that I don't like chilling with my boys because I love creating music with my guys. But being able to produce music from the comfort of my home for zero pounds – because we're in a 'panoramic!' lol– was an experience.

I've even got better at creating music and learning new skills I didn't have before, so that's definitely been a plus. My producers now call me and say this is how you do [this and that]. So, doing all these things in my own space, becoming more self-sufficient and producing for other people is a bonus. It's dope! Who doesn't want skills in this life!

So, it truly has been an experience and a season that has brought something out of many artists, especially the passion for making music. Creating has kept [them] sane because not being able to do so can make them lose their minds.

GM: So, the title 'Come Home'. What was the inspiration behind it and how do you go about naming your work?

CM: It's always more of an afterthought. With 'Come Home' the EP is very much an acoustic-driven project, with probably only one song not being an acoustic piece; yet all quite chilled out, so we were going to be so creative and call it 'The Acoustics'. But I started to realise that each of the songs had a theme, about repentance and reconciliation and I was like yo I don't think 'The Acoustics' does it justice.

I was going through the book of Matthew [in the Bible] back in December, and I went to the story of the prodigal son. It just so happens during my church crossover service that my pastor starts t