COVID-19: The 2020 Blessing in Disguise

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Life as we know it, in London, has officially gone into lockdown. With reports coming in from government officials to put a strict hold for the next three weeks (at minimum) on any outdoor dealings except in the case of 'absolute necessity', it's easy to see why fear is being rekindled in the hearts and minds of many as doors are closed shut.

But rather than focus on the COVID-19's negative narrative, let's turn our attention to the blessings that are still flowing in this seemingly 'dire' season....if you're looking for the blessing that is.

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Philippians 4:8

1. Plenty of time to spend with God

We're now fresh out of excuses as to why we can't fit in quality time with God. With the volume on our social lives turned down, this is the season to pray and seek Him earnestly. And if you've fallen out of touch and need a jump start to revive your prayer life, you can download our 7- Day Prayer Guide, which has 30 pages filled with great tools to help you blow the cobwebs off your prayers.

2. Time to repent

The word that many find offensive, but one that needs to be brought to the forefront of our minds. It is actually a blessing to be given the time and chance to get right with God. We get so caught up in everything else; how he, her and they have offended us but not paused to think how we have been repeatedly offending God. Through disobedience, rebellion and at times plotting pure evil, I can't imagine God is pleased, as much as He does love us. This is a time to repent, reflect and allow God to restore us to the right path. God is merciful, patient and very willing to forgive us.

3. Homeschooling: Power back in the hands of parents

We're no stranger to the numerous shifts that were taking place in the education systems. But with schools now closed and parents taking the reigns with learning, this is fantastic news for those who desperately wanted the option to opt-out of sex and relationship education lessons. With rumours of schools possibly being closed until September 2020, this potentially gives parents a 6-month window to lay a foundation and introduce such sensitive information in the way they deem fit.

4. Family time restored

No more 40-hour working weeks or business conferences away because honey is well and truly home. Now we've been limited to the confinements of our abodes, sit down dinners and the opportunity to put the children to bed is now a reality for both mum and dad. If you still live with your parents, use this time to have meaningful conversations or if alone phone calls are still a thing in this digital age, so try reaching out to loved ones and catch up during this downtime. Ultimately, see this as a time to relay the foundation of the family structure.

5. 'Hidden' talents can be unveiled

While many may be complaining about how bored they are or have already run out of things to do, it needn't be that way. With the extra time on our hands, this can be used to tap into those dormant talents. After all, those talents are to be used to bless others, so stir up those gifts and look for a way to make it of service for others. When quarantine season is over, you can be in a position to unleash those hidden talents and perhaps use it to pursue a new career or lifestyle with it.

6. Self-care

Being at home every day for the foreseeable future could potentially make one lazy due to too much couch time, but taking care of our physical state is paramount. There is now time to start implementing better sleeping patterns and ample resources online to complete a variety of at-home workouts. If this isn't your thing, get active and dance yourself into shape with our Sounds of GRACE playlist on Spotify. Eating out (physically) is also no longer an option, so use this time to adopt healthier eating habits with fresh home-cooked meals. If stuck for recipes, meal ideas with step by step instructions are available online too.

Ultimately, during these unprecedented times, it's key to use our time wisely and re-establish equilibrium - so when the Coronavirus blows over we've become better in the process. In the meantime, our prayer is that you stay safe, stay prayerful, remain hopeful and overall see and tap into the blessing in this season.

Sidenote: Could this closing verse be giving us an indication that staying indoors really isn't a 'bad' thing?