Fearfully Female

Daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and colleague are just a few of the tags some women wear. The definition and role of a woman is forever changing. What she can and cannot do; how she contributes to her community and what she brings to her relationships are often used to determine her worth.

Whichever angle you look at it from, it cannot be denied that women are captivating beyond measure and encompass so many dimensions and facets. We are very different to our male counterparts and being the same as them should not be our mission. Having said that, it has never been so important to revert back to life’s manual to understand what the Creator has expressed through the female and her unique and incomprehensible worth.

A fundamental truth that women overlook is the glorious fact that they are loved and hence miss the revelation of their worth. The love I am referring to is that agape, unconditional kind of Love, the only Love that can qualify you. Despite what your past or even present has made you believe or what society and media is pushing as the definition of ‘being female’; just remember that the grace and love of God has counted you worthy; not because of anything you have or haven’t done but simply because God’s desire is for you.

Placed within the female is the ability and potential to nurture and encourage. Life is beautiful and women play a vital role in helping to bring forth life. Whether it is in relationships or in local communities and places of work; your actions, words and attitudes should have a common goal of nurturing, drawing out beauty and adding the weight of His glory to all you come in contact with.

When God spoke the male and female spirits into existence, He made them to reflect His image and likeness. The female encompasses the tender-heart and the beautiful emotions of the Father. In His daughter He fashioned His holiness, strength, purity, love, protection and support. The woman is special because she is an extension of God; like Father like daughter!

Feminine power is not defined by the length of your skirt, your bra size, and it is not hyper-sexualised, weak or frail. Females were not an after-thought in God’s creation story, we were in fact the crown of creation - the final pièce de résistance. It is sometimes difficult to even imagine that the first woman was formed from a rib – a perfect piece that symbolises strength yet has delicate attributes. This final and precious masterpiece that the Father created in Genesis came from a sacred place - right next to His heart. A woman was made from love and her innate desire is to be loved. The male reflects a different facet of the Father and it should never be our quest to be the same as the male. But rather seek out the joy and beauty in being fully female and press towards feminine excellence built on a God-standard.

No matter how many hats you wear or how you chose to balance the different plates you have spinning, let’s make it our mission to restore God’s idea and plan when it comes to the multi-faceted power of femininity.

Words by Dorcas Payne


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