Let's Talk! Motherhood Series

Probably now more than ever are women actively pursuing goals all while having children. And the idea of pausing or at the very least slowing down to factor in activities with the little ones is very much hit and miss leading to bouts of the dreaded 'mummy guilt'.

But aside from feeling guilty at times, balancing motherhood and work life comes with a variety of other challenges. Whether that be a loss of identity or remembering to look after yourself as well as the children, being a mother is no easy feat. 

Back in July and in line with the release of Issue 3, you heard responses from Blessing, Chibuzor, Dinah, Gemma, Kayo, Paula and Zeruiah to the following questions:

1. Did you ever lose the essence of self when you became a mother?

2. How do you navigate work life and motherhood?

3. How do you cope with mummy guilt from pursuing ambitions?

4. Motherhood aside, how do you take care of you?

We also had the pleasure of teaming up with Birchbox to give you £5* off your first Birchbox back in July and even though July has now passed and we have entered into a new month, we hope you continue to make your wellbeing a priority all the while raising children!

By the grace of God you can do it!

Words by Dara Olagbami