The Conscious Consumer: Autumn/Winter19 Outerwear Finds

September is the January of Fashion. The catwalks come alive and the chilly evenings cause us to draw for our jackets and think about our Autumn/Winter wardrobes. But before we go crazy with revamping our style let’s stop, think, and put on the hat of the conscious consumer. With all the information available to us can we still plead ignorance when it comes to supporting brands that do not do their part for society? With consumers having power like never before, it should be utilised to raise the question ‘who made my clothes?’ We tend to check the packaging to see what goes in our food [well some of us do] so let’s start being conscious of the labels we but on our backs too, proactively ensuring that the labour behind it is one of love.

And contrary to popular belief, you can invest in timeless, quality, and beautiful pieces from great brands who do their part for the environment through more ethical and sustainable methods and you needn’t break the bank as there’s prices to accommodate all pockets.

To shop like a conscious consumer, research is key along with a long-term investment mindset in oppose to the fast fashion narrative that’s forced down our throats telling us we need a new winter coat every year. Let’s be responsible stewards to Gods [once upon a time] green earth and buy better. Here are a few finds to kickstart your consumer conscious Autumn/Winter collection.

1.The Cocoon Coat, £214, Everlane. 2. Wool-blend Coat, £99, H&M. 3. York Coat, £335, Reformation. 4. Lawrence Smoking Jacket, £695, Mother of Pearl. 5. Organic Cotton Corduroy Coat, £418, Eileen Fisher.

Words by Dorcas Payne